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Entertainment Centers in Temecula

Dedication to Quality

Looking for a custom entertainment center built in Temecula? Custom entertainment centers and custom wall units are a specialty of ours. At Primus Custom Woodwork, we provide superior quality, construction materials, and service in all that we do. Custom wall units provide an organized, versatile storage solution for just about any room in a house.

At Primus Custom Woodwork, we have over twenty years of experience building and installing custom wall units in Temecula.

We go the distance to make sure all custom entertainment center builds go according to plan, and everything is completed to the agreed upon specifications.

Consistent and Precise

We've installed custom wall units all throughout Temecula over the years. For every project our craftsmen are committed to ensuring all mitered joints fit, and every surface is prepared evenly. =

Years of Experience that Shows

Our twenty years of carpentry experience shows in our work. At Primus Custom Woodwork we are dedicated to providing premium quality results with the best service possible.

We Respect Your Property

Your property is your home, not just another job site to us. Our installers clean up after themselves and don't play loud music.

Job Done on Schedule

We coordinate with you to get the job done according to an agreed upon schedule, and deliver amazing results on time.

We build with only the finest quality crafting materials for our custom wall units. The cabinet doors and drawer boxes for our custom entertainment centers are precision milled and a wide selection of options are available.

At Primus Custom Woodworking, we are dedicated to quality. Every cabinet door and drawer, and every surface included in our custom entertainment centers are assembled by professional craftsmen. We are precise woodworkers and have an expert eye for detail.

Primus Custom Woodwork installs custom wall units and custom entertainment centers in just about any area, in flat walls and in alcoves. Our custom wall units including our cabinetry and drawers are all made at our facility, with a master craftsman's attention to detail.

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